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About Meditation

I 'officially' converted into Buddhism 10 years ago. I guess I would call myself a casual practitioner if such thing exists? I probably meditate around twice a week on average, but I don't belong to any Sangha ATM. I took my refuge in gelug pa school of Tibetan Buddhism but in the past I practiced with a local Warsaw karma kagyu sangha so it's always been a bit messy in that department. Despite not being too strict with my day to day practice and belonging I'm always surprised how attached I am to this way of life and how many of my choices are strengthened or encouraged by my religion. I'm always amazed how every time I do spent sometime on meditation everything around just falls into place. Almost like when you adjust the focus on a camera. I am very grateful to have something in my life that will always to some extent ground my unreasonably emotional and oversensitive self.  

How do you deal with your day to day struggle?

Any quietly religious people out there? 

Tell me about your experiences :)

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