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LondonJazz news

'She sang with an infectious warmth and delicacy and her improvising was special: lyrical melodies hung on to leading and auxiliary notes for just that little bit longer than expected. ' 'Polarity' Launch Review Read More

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Nowy Czas, The Polish Weekly

‘Jej Portret from Polarity combines Agata’s imagination stimulating beautiful voice with lasting almost 3 min unbelievable violin solo(…)Listening to Polarity makes me want to say: What a beautiful autumn we have this springtime.’ Slawek Orwat 'Polarity' Review Read More


VK DA Vision

‘Surprisingly, when listening to Polarity one gets a feeling that she sings only for you, almost in your ear(…)Instrumental component of the album is worthy of the highest praise,it consists of very strong songwriting and performing  within both jazz and classical style, sometimes spilling over from one to another.’   8/10  'Polarity' Review  Read More

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This Year In Music

'Agata Kubiak is talent personified. Her voice is beautifully sweet, but with a slight sardonic edge. Her violin playing is second to none. While her music cannot be solely classed as jazz (if contains elements of rock, classical and folk) all of her work is grounded in jazz.' 'Polarity' Review Read More

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