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 classical, punk, buddhism and jazz

Born in Mlawa (Poland), Agata started her musical education at the age of six. She grew up in Grudziadz, where she completed thirteen years of classical violin training at stage I and II at Stanislaw Moniuszko State Music School. Her singing career started at the age of fourteen and was focused around sung poetry, a genre of music  barely known outside of Poland. At the age of sixteen Agata begun singing with her music school’s jazz band. Her musical interests were always diverse. Between the ages of fifteen and eighteen she was recording and touring with a local hardcore punk group Pogromcy Wdow i Sierot. At the age on nineteen she took a year off music and enrolled at Warsaw University to study Mongolian and Tibetan. In a course of a year she converted to Buddhism and learned the basics of morin huur.  Despite a great interest in her studies, being separated from music became to difficult. In 2007 Agata got accepted to Vocaltech (currently BIMM Institute) and decided to move to London. After two years of studying she decided to change her main instrument to violin and enrolled straight to the second year of a Music Performance degree at London College of Music, where she studies under Stephane Tran-Ngoc. She continued exploration of jazz while singing with LCM Big Band and LCM  Jazz Vocal Ensemble. She followed her BMus degree with a Post Graduate Diploma in Jazz Performance where she studied under Iain Mackenzie. While studying Agata was working as a session musician and touring Europe and Asia with Avizo String Quartet, Konvalia String Quartet, Selectric, I Maestri Orchestra and Symphonic Orchestra of India. She also established Strawberry Music School in Wimbledon, which is currently run by Graham Goulbourne. 
In April 2014 Agata was named as one of the Finalist of Riga Jazz Stage international vocal competition and later that year she released her debut album ‘Polarity’. In 2015 she was included in Top 20 Polish Jazz Singers ranking published by ‘Jazz Forum The European Jazz Magazine’.
Agata is also a junior academic and a published researcher. In 2019 she obtained a PhD in new music performance and creativity supervised by Professors David Osbon and Simon Zagorski-Thomas.

Agata is currently working on her second album and working as a Music Coordinator for nkoda. 

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